19 Apr 2014

Write Damnit

I don't really know what went wrong. I won't make an excuse. I hate it when people give the old "I'm so sorry that I haven't written in a while. I've been like super busy!". How many times have you, honestly, read something along those lines? Honestly. I couldn't answer the question myself, because I've never counted (how sad would that even be?) and I'm sure the number would be depressingly high.

It's the easter holidays though, and I should have had plenty of time to write something. But I have no clever topic for us to discuss. Maybe it'll come to me. I'm mostly just writing this out of frustration. Running your own blog is very much a love/hate relationship. So is running any project though. I refuse to let myself slip on this one. I will write. I'll write myself out of writers block or whatever this is.

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In the Boreads club there has been a lot of suggestions to what we could write about. All of them great and inspirational. And whilst Alice and I will try to use them as best as we can, I couldn't help to glimpse a tendency that this blog may be encouraging. We talk about the golden days. Heck, my last post was mostly about those old times. Where we were all just a bunch of kids, causing drama and trying to find ourselves. But do we really want those days back? Do we even really know what was so special about them? Isn't it really just like when you were a kid and the summer was always sunny and christmas was white? Looking back at the past, don't we tend to forget all the bad things, and just remember the good?

I know this all sounds so very Carrie Bradshaw of me, but it seems to me that more and more people are openly talking about how they want the so called golden days back. I guess for a very long time, you could have included me on that list. There's this whole new community out there (primarily on Facebook Alice tells me) of blogs and magazines. And I can't even be bothered to look into it. It would be so much easier if we just didn't have to address this whole new community, but if things just went back to drama-gossip blogs and there's-a-new-hot-buys-dress posts. And I guess it would be fun and exciting for a while, if Perez started the blog again and if Style posted a new issue. But, what I've really been thinking about is, is it really what we want?

For a while I thought it was what I wanted. But I don't think so anymore. I have more faith in us than that. The whole reason that people started blogging and then making magazines in the first place, is because we are creative people who are looking for new artistic areas to explore and boundaries to push. After all, most of us were teenagers. But taking two steps back is no way to move forward. Let the new members dabble with blogs posts and try their luck with magazines. I'm a veteran, I'm not going back to that war. I'm moving forward and making writing posts that have more to them than the shallow things that used to fill blogs in the golden days my new project. We have to keep moving forward. This can be the Stardoll renaissance, as long as we don't strive backwards, but take what we learned back then to help us move forward.

PS. Happy easter everyone!

PPS. Alice and I are working on some brand new ideas (get excited) and some posts which we are going to co-write. 


  1. You are a wise woman! I enjoyed reading this post.

  2. Now that you say it that way, you make a really good point. It is true that most people remember past by only good things. Like saying that High School was easy, or getting a tattoo didn't hurt. It is because it is over. Life goes on, and even I was the one who said I miss 'good old days', now that you point it out, were they really that good? Back then, I was just a 'regular' blogger, but now I write for the best and most popular stardoll related blog, and I run my own fairly well. Some of my old friends left, but I met some new ones. And even I miss reading good old gossip posts, I still like how Stardoll blogging community has 'evolved'.

  3. I must admit, as long as I still see new magazines and blogs coming out, I won't give up on bringing back some life to our community. We are still here, waiting for something to happen (what seems to be evolving anyway). We enjoy our stay - because we grew up together. Even this post tells it - I can see that you desperately want to write even though you have doubts. Don't force inspiration, you don't even have to worry about rivals, this blog is unique! Let's discuss things occassionally and just for fun :)

    1. I can see what you mean, but I guess this post is really divided into two parts. The first two paragraphs was just me writing without a purpose, just to get myself started. After that I took a break and did some actual thinking, visited the club and thought about the suggestions there.
      So as to the rest of the post, it wasn't forced and I did not have any doubts as to what I was writing. I guess I'm not always the clearest in my message, but I'd hate to think that you see this as forced and that it has a sense of insecurity, because I meant everything that I said. I wrote with a message at hand, and not just to keep this blog or the community it is a part of alive ;)


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