Hi, I'm Emma.

I'm 21 years old and live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I'm currently majoring in History of art and minoring in both design and drama at the university of Copenhagen. Which basically means I'm extra geeky annoying when it comes to art, architecture, furniture design, fashion and the theater.

I've been in love with fashion as long as I can remember. Ever since Raf Simons took the rains, Dior has been my ultimate favorite brand. I literally love everything he sends down the runway. I'm a bit geeky about fashion and have tried to self-educate myself through-out the years, as you can't study fashion journalism in Denmark, which is what I aspire to work with once I graduate.

My favorite brand is Cos, followed by H&M and smaller Danish brands. I would describe my style as minimalistic yet feminine. I like neutral colors as black, grey and white along with all shades of blue and bright red. If we ever met, you can bet your big feathered hat that I'd be wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans, a solid-colored, form-fitting t-shirt of some kind, a pair of low-top sneakers in white, black or silver (I have a thing for silver shoes, they're practically my kryptonite) and gold, simplistic jewelry everywhere it's humanly possible. My style icon is Leandra Medine.

I'm not the biggest beauty fanatic, for expert advice see Alice. I have brown, shoulder length, curly hair that I pretty much just leave to do as it pleases. I love my curls and if you do too, but need advice to take care of them, I might possibly be your girl.  Most days I don't even wear make-up and I haven't plucked my eye-brows since March. I care a lot about nail polish though and if you ever catch me without it on my nails, please react as my close friends would and ask me if I'm ok. I'm pretty sure I'm not if it has come as far as bare nails (oh, the horror).

I love reading and my favorite writer is a guy named Ernest Hemingway. My favorite book is a little thing called the Great Gatsby, which you may or may not have heard of. My sister would describe my musical taste as "boring", my favorite artists being John Mayer, The Civil Wars, London Grammar and Years and Years. 

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