17 May 2014

A Letter to Myself

Dear Emma,

I regret to inform you that your immune system has failed you. And it hasn't just failed you once, but twice. In one week. It's like the saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" - except it's all shame on your immune system. I guess that the important thing is that you have not died, you've just become someone who has the mental capacity of a cooked vegetable.

You've been spending the majority of this week in bed, not really being bothered to do anything. The week before that you were in Berlin, where you also had your first exam for this semester. Maybe you picked up something there that knocked you out cold in the first round. And then you could've picked up something here as well.. I don't know really. All I know is, that you were fine on Wednesday and then bam! It's Thursday evening and Emma is feeling kinda not so good once again.

You haven't really seen a lot of people this week. What you have seen a lot of, is your room and everything that's even remotely interesting on TV. You must be kind of depressed at your the zombiefied stage of life right now, which does not surprise me. I, myself, am just writing to keep sane. Ernest Hemingway once said that writing is where you just sit and bleed. I think I have yet to experience that feeling through writing, although I'm sure you think you've experienced something similar in general this week.

In the end, I must have you swear Emma, that you will try to write with a point in hand sometime soon, and not just write because the feeling comes over you. Everyone else's posts seems so much more coherent than yours. I guess you're just the one that just blabs about whatever comes to your mind.

Get over it Emma, and get a better immune system.

Sincerly, Emma.

PS. It's seriously weird that Alice and you always are ill at the same time. It's borderline creepy. No. It is creepy. I don't know who, but someone should look into this phenomenon. If you read this Alice, then stop freaking Emma out by being ill when she is. This *viral infection* (get it? Alice's joke, I just stole it) is creeping everyone out. Get well soon, you crazy person. 


  1. I feel this, I SO feel this! I've been sick all week too and it's just getting on my nerves :| I wonder how I could even attend my french exam yesterday... I want to go out, my friends are calling me everywhere - but the weather is a piece of shit right now, if I went out my cold would probably get worse... so I'm just staying inside passing my time with whatever I find, blogging, YouTube, blah. So boring. I want to live.

    I really really hope we'll stop 'sitting and bleeding' soon and feel better Emma!
    - B

    1. Yes! Welcome to the club of the frustrated ill Brigitte. Here's hoping we don't have to stick around too long ;)

  2. I hope you're feeling soon. I know all about immune system problems. Rest.


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