3 May 2014

Meet Your Heroes

The title of this post seems contradictory, no?

I'm sure you all are aware of the saying that you should never meet your heroes; under the 'guise that you'll always be bitterly disappointed. And I'm sure that's true for some people.


I met one of my heroes the other day. I was invited to meet with my favourite games developer team, which was not only awesome, but also an experience I will keep with me for life.

It began with a simple conference. Anyone was invited to this, and I and a team of 5 other 'hardcore' fans were all planning to meet up and go together. Before the conference we had a meal (I was late, so when I say 'me' I mean 'everyone else'!) with one of the key team members - he was actually one of the co-founders of the company. A quiet man, though very humble. He acknowledged a conversation we had had on Twitter a few days before about dodgy train toilets - it was so weird to realise he knew me!

At the meal I also met the other fans. I had spoken to three of them online before and they were all outstandingly lovely. I also had the pleasure of meeting another fan and the husband of one that I had already met. They were all so friendly, it felt as if I'd known them for years right off the bat.

Charles signing comics

After the meal we all headed off to the conference. Charles (the 'big cheese' of the company) came and said hello to some of the fans he had met before, and the developer who had a meal with us slinked into the background and 'pretended' he wasn't a part of the team; all the while making sly, amusing comments as Charles spoke to the audience.
The conference lasted for about an hour. We recieved comic books and had them signed by key members of the team before we all headed off once more to go to an after party that we had been specially invited to attend.

This was where the magic really happened.

As we made our way from the conference to the BAFTA house (yes, the BAFTA house!) we all discussed how nervous and excited we were. Some of my new friends had already met the team, and others had not. All were equally thrilled to be meeting them. As we entered the building we immediately felt out of place. We were *not* in formal dress, nor were we celebrities. As we neared the reception we were unsure as to whether we would even be let in....

Smiling like a lunatic!
.... Before the lovely man behind the desk said 'Ah, you must be the fans' and pointed us in the direction of a small function room with an open bar.

As we congregated in a small circle, not really knowing how welcome we were, a small woman we all knew to be Charles' wife came over and greeted us warmly. She asked us to get ourselves a drink, make ourselves comfortable and generally made us all feel like we belonged there. Eventually we were introduced to almost all the team members we already knew.

I was recognised by a couple for being active on the forums and submitting fan art. Everyone was truly wonderful; they were all lovely people.

And it is for that reason I implore you to take opportunities like this. I almost didn't go due to having to travel to London alone, but I am so pleased I took that risk. My cheeks hurt as I travelled home because I had been smiling so much that day.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it makes me feel warm inside knowing that not only have I met my heroes, I have also befriended them.

So who are your heroes? And given the chance would you meet them? Let me know in the comments!

 - Alice x x x

*pictures taken by Barry Banks. I'm wearing a Vibe (brand from Topshop) leather jacket and Gucci scarf if anyone's wondering ;)


  1. This is the kind of post I love. No other blog will have cool stuff like it.

    1. Aww thank you! Our aim is to post a wide range of posts, and it's so useful to have feedback on your favourite topics and styles.

      I don't want you guys to think there's a 'barrier' between us anymore either, thus having the pictures of myself for all to see. If you have any requests or ideas feel free to send me them! I'll take anny suggestions into account :)

  2. You are so pretty Alice. Love this post.

    1. Aww that's sweet, thank you! I have a couple new posts planned but I've been so busy with exams lately. Should have more up soon :)

  3. My idol is Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. I've NEVER been such a hardcore fan of anyone in the past, anything he does is pure perfection in my eyes. His work even made me reconsider becoming a musician.

    I'd love to meet Martin in person, but in a situation in which I could do that (meet and greet after a concert?) I'm not sure the impression would be good. I've read several articles and books about the band and according to some references, he tends to be very shy and uncommunicative when surrounded with fans. It's basically getting an autograph, taking a pic and that's it. You get like 10 minutes then the guards kick you out. It's like... nothing.

    I'd love to get to know him better but it's literally impossible, plus the fact that he's 50 now, damn... I guess we would have a lot in common, the songs he wrote are a part of my soul now.

    This situation just breaks me down.

    PS. You are GORGEOUS Alice! That photo is lovely!


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