2 Jan 2015

Procrastination made me do it

I'm working on my second exam paper out of three within one month, so I think it's safe to say that I've done a lot of procrastinating as of late. Here's the things I'm planning on buying and/or saving up for the next following months. My so called fear of color kind of shines through. I just always seem to be drawn towards neutrals. I'm all about quality over quantity and that always demands a bit more thoughtful planning. Not that I mind. 

Hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year. Throw me a comment to let me know how you're doing. 



  1. Interesting post. Good luck on your papers! I like the items you've chosen for purchase in the next few months. Nothing wrong with neutrals.

    I had a nice holiday; how about you?

  2. Do not blame you on the neutral front. They'll mix and match with everything then. Utilising you're wardrobe ;)
    Hope you're well, all the best for all the examness.
    Start of the year is the best time to begin being organised, is what I'm telling myself, plan everything for your week etc.
    Yeah. I write this at 1.40pm in my pyjamas dreaming of the things I could be doing. So much for old habits :P


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