21 Jun 2015

Beauty: The Alex Vause Effect

Hi all!

Back again, and this time it's not been months!

So Orange is the New Black's 3rd season was released in full on Netflix the other day.. And I've already binge watched all 13 episodes. It was awesome.

Every time I watch OITNB I become more and more enthralled with Alex Vause. Her character is incredibly sultry. I love her geek-chic-rockabilly-goth vibe and Laura Prepon's deep, husky voice. There's something about her that's just plain sexy.

Since watching the series I've dyed my hair black (unintentionally, for the record), started to wear my glasses again (they're cool now. Alex Vause made them cool.) and started to work a thick, black feline flick on my eyelids. I just love her look, and the best part is that it's simple.

But the main thing about Alex Vause is her character. There's nothing more sexy than a woman that can stand up for herself, knows herself and doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about that. Vause is sassy without being a bitch, and she isn't afraid of admitting when she's going a little crazy.

Perhaps we could all learn something from Ms Vause?

Over and out,

 - Alice x x x


  1. Great read. Interesting view. Your look is so cool!

    1. Thanks! Do you watch OITNB?


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