1 Jul 2015

Life circa 2015

The only posts that I have done over the last year or so seems to be catch-up posts (lets get it overwith quickly: completed 4th semester at university, gotten a job and generally feel more grown up and put together by the minute - just kidding about the last part, I have no idea what I'm doing). And since it's summer and I have more time on my hands and Alice has seriously started blogging, I feel the need to post something.

The only problem is that the kind of posts that I like the most are the wordy lengthy posts. They're not exactly the most blogish. When it comes to blogs, I do tend to like the ones where the writing is kept short and to the point. Which is exactly what I'm bad at. Just look at this. Is there a purpose to my rambling right now? The answer to that question would have to be no. Writing for me tends to be a dictate of what I'm thinking at that moment. Along with a strong dislike towards re-writes and re-readings, my writing isn't exactly what you would call concrete, short and precise.

I started blogging when I was 13. That means that I've been doing it on-and-off for 8 years. I find that as I've grown more comfortable in the field, that my posts have also gotten a certain ease and therefor length. I guess you can say that I've discovered a personal writing style along the way. For me, it's crucial that what you read has a sense of personality. I'm a very private person and there's a true conflict for me with writing personal things online, so I always unconsciously try to make up for the personality lost topic wise in my writing style.

A personal voice makes a writer, and even though I'd never call myself an actual writer, and it could be argued that my voice is still in development (to which I would agree), I take pride in knowing that you can read this post, and get a sense of me. Of who I am. If you ever want to start a blog, what matters for me the most is not what you blog about but how you do it. The voice you instill in the writing makes and breaks it all.

Someone who truly does that for me, who has a true sense of personality in whatever she chooses to write about (although it doesn't hurt that her favorite topic happens to be the same as mine: fashion), is someone called Leandra Medine, also known as the Man Repeller.

Leandra writes about fashion in a serious, insider kind of way, but somehow she still manages to keep things fun. For me, it's not her huge knowledge about fashion that makes me love her blog, but the way that her writing portrays her goofy personality. She has inspired me to be less serious in more ways than one. Letting your personality utterly shine through in whatever you choose to do in life (not just in writing), is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. 

Consider this post an ode to personality, yours as much as my own - oh, and Leandra Medine's. 


  1. My blog posts are always longer than i planned, but I feel like I need this to get the message across. And I like reading, so keep on rambling.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. I agree... reading your post is very interesting. You do reveal a little bit about yourself. I'll take that.

  3. I tend to write long posts too, I just get carried away sometimes when I start. But I haven't been writing for quite a long time (except on USD), and I kinda miss it, but I am also tired and bored writing about Stardoll. I am thinking on opening my personal blog, but kinda like you, I don't really want to people know real me.
    And I love reading your posts too, long or short, be sure I'll be reading each one of them.


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