1 Jul 2015

My Summer Faves 2015

Hey all!

Happy July! This year is going so quickly. Today I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite makeup products at the moment as the weather gets warmer.

I've had this BB cream for awhile now, and this is the second kind I've bought from Skin 79. I originally had their Hot Pink version, which I really liked as well as this one. This is a genuine BB cream, so unlike a lot of the creams you find in drugstores in the UK this BB cream isn't just a tinted moisturiser. This has SPF25 in it which is great for summer, and the coverage is very buildable. I like to use it as sort of a primer for my makeup when I want my skin to look really glowy, because this product is so moisturising and rich that my skin feels super super soft after every time I use it.

I also quite recently got this Nivea day cream. It was on sale at Tesco for something silly like £1.50, so I figured why not. It's a nice, rich moisturiser and doesn't feel too heavy on my skin. There's also a little SPF in it (15, I believe) and that's a nice bonus, particularly for when I go to the gym when I don't wear my foundation or BB cream with SPF.

Even more recently I picked up this Real Techniques Beauty Blender. I've not owned any kind of makeup sponge like this before, so it was a totally new experience for me. I actually love it, the finish on the skin is so natural and dewy (especially as I wet the sponge before use) and the shape is really good for getting in all the cracks. Obviously my foundation has stained the sponge, and it's shown up a lot more in the photograph but I guess it's not there to look pretty. It's to make me look pretty! And I sure think it does. It's definitely worth the money, as £5.99 really isn't bad at all.

And these are my favourite eye products. I love Maybelline Great Lash, it has a super firm wand and it's not too oversized either making for much more precise application. I always buy waterproof mascara because the rain in England is unreal on mascara, and I find that in general waterproof flakes less and lasts longer. I've also got Maybelline's gel liner, which is seriously good for the price. I've had this awhile and it lasts ages. It's so creamy and thick. I think it makes the perfect cat eye.

I have a massive obsession with brows at the moment, and I used eyebrow pencil for ages to do my brows. But since I dyed my hair black I've needed something a little different. I've had this elf eyebrow kit for years, and never really gone near it. And I'm so pleased I now have. The brow gel is the perfect colour for me, it's a nice, ashy, buildable brown and it applies perfectly with this Real Techniques concealer brush. The fine tip on the brush allows for me to create some little eyebrow hair strokes and gives a really natural finish.

So what are your favourite products for summer? Let me know in the comments!

 - Alice x x x


  1. BAE I didn't know you had a blog!!!! 😜😜😜😜

    1. BAE I have only just restarted blogging ♥

      Thank you for your comment you are my fave commenter :')

  2. I really want to try the RT sponge. I bought the original BeautyBlender a few years back and I love it, but it is quite expensive.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I really like it! I've not had it all that long but I totally reccomend it. I don't think the price is bad at all and the application is beautiful :)


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