26 Jun 2015

Armpit Hair: How to Get Super Smooth Pits for Summer

 Hi guys!

So, here's an intimate topic: armpit hair. Most of us ladies have it, and most of us ladies go to some measure to remove it.

Personally, I always used to shave my pits, though over time I've found it to be annoying - particularly now that I've started taking Biotin, which makes hair grow that little bit faster. I have to shave my underarms at least once a day, and twice if I want a smooth finish for a night out or something. That's a lot of shaving, and shaving can irritate the skin a lot.

Another issue with shaving I've always hated has been that stage in between being stubble and smooth. That sort of "5 O'Clock shadow" effect if you will. I don't like it, and particularly for summer I would prefer it to be gone.

So let me introduce you to my favourite little gadget at the moment; the Silk Epil 7 Epilator by Braun. I've had this a couple of years now and I still think it's amazing. The charge lasts for hours and hours and you can use it in the shower too which is very useful, and I'll explain why in a bit.

It came with 3 attatchments for the head. A beginners head, which you see here, a plain head (which isn't a lot different, it just doesn't have the beads) and a detailer head which is about a third of the size of the one I have pictured.  I'm fairly sure the reason for the rolling beads on this one is that it massages the skin and reduces the pain a little.

Speaking of pain, I'm sure you must be wondering if it hurts. And I'm not going to lie, it really fecking hurts the first time. It's really hard to keep going when it hurts so bad, but it helps to exfoliate first and to go at your own pace. This is where being able to use it in the shower helps, as when you're epilating under hot running water your pores are more open and you can sort of mask the pain with the hot water. If you can only remove a little bit at a time - don't worry! Once you've removed it once, the second time you do it it hurts considerably less, and once you're into the routine of it there's little to no pain at all. And the results make it all worth it.

I know it's a little weird, but I had to prove to you guys how good it looks. I pictured my own armpit just so you can see how smooth it is. There's no 'shadow' effect, no stubble, no stray hairs or anything. I'm always super pleased with the result, and they feel really really smooth. Lovely and smooth actually. I had only epilated my armpits the day before this photo, so the pores are still a little raised and bumpy but that should be gone by tomorrow.

I also use the epilator on my legs in the summer. It doesn't hurt half as badly on your legs, it's more of a little pricking sensation than actual pain. I don't find that all the hairs get removed on my legs, so I shave as well as epilating, but doing the two together allows me to leave longer spaces between shaving and keeps my legs nice and smooth.

Oh, and if you're wondering.... I don't reccomend using it on the bikini area... That hurts more than being towed to hell with a rusty hook attatched your nipples.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even found it useful!

 - Alice x x x


  1. It seems like a good idea, but I wouldn't dare trying. Though I have an epilator, but I only use it on my legs and sometimes arms, and I have kinda gotten used to pain. Btw, I am really glad you are back with posting, I love this blog :)

    1. Hahaha, it's worth a go I promise! I know that you can get Emna cream quite cheap, I wonder if that would work to help numb the pain the first time? It's so worth it, I'd reccomend it to anyone haha.

      Thanks! I'm hoping to really get going with this blog this year :)

  2. I'm too scared to try this, hehe! X


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