3 Aug 2015

A 60's Vibe

Hello all!

So I've been pretty busy lately, and I figured what better way to catch up than to do a quick post about all the stuff I've picked up!

I spent the last week in Manchester with my boyfriend and his family, and although the weather wasn't great it was still a really nice trip. We visited the Trafford Centre a couple of times and to my surprise, they had a Forever 21! I love Forever 21 but living down in the South West means that there isn't one within my vicinity and I've only ever been in their stores in London and New York.

They had a really awesome sale on - everything in the store was buy one get one free, so I took full advantage of that! I bought 3 plain bodycon dresses, one in black, one grey and one red. And as I had an extra product free I asked my boyfriend to pick something for me.

As I always wear black he was determined to find me something that was a different colour, so in order to 'ease' me in to colour (ha!) he found me this white blouse. It's long and floaty, and the concealed buttons are a nice touch. I think it's got a bit of a minimal, 60's vibe which is perfect for this season. I think it's also smart enough to wear to job interviews which will definitely come in handy!

I also found that my hair curlers broke last month. That was pretty annoying as I really liked the ones I had (for the record, they were Remington. It was some kind of clipless model).

This meant that I had to invest in a new model, so I decided to go for a Babyliss one, as I've always had good experiences with their products (I have their Deep Waver, it's fantastic) and they are fairly inexpensive. I spent £17.99 on this one from Amazon.

So far, I haven't been able to get that familiar with it but I like the multi heat setting and the rotating cord. My only real bummer about it is that the clip itself gets really hot too, and it's pretty easy for your finger to slip from the safe black plastic bit onto the scalding hot ceramic - ouch!

I also needed some new heat protectant and hairspray, so I picked these up in Boots for a 2 for £4 deal. The deal was great, as it was almost a 50% saving and they're working really well for me. The hairspray is fantastic, it holds well and I love the matt finish. It's perfect for second day hair as the mattifying effect gives an anti-greasy illusion.

Finally, today I picked up these babies from - can you believe - Sainsburys! I've been on the hunt for a pair of patent, 60's inspired boots for ages and these fit the bill just perfectly. Originally I was looking at knee high gogo boots but these are way more casual.

They remind me of the YSL boots I love so much, and they were only a fraction of the price at £25.

I had to picture them with my Rubix cube (given to me by the boyfriend's grandad) just to emphasise that 60's feel!

Have you been shopping lately? Picked up anything good? Let me know in the comments!

 - Alice x x x

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