18 Aug 2015

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Review and Final Thoughts

Let me start this review by saying just how much I love Real Techniques products, and my opinion on this one product has not in any way affected my views on their other products.

But let me just say.... This sponge was incredibly disappointing!

Yes, it applies makeup beautifully. But there are so many cons that I really see no point in purchasing it again. Yeah, that's right: again.

After about 3 weeks, my sponge went mouldy!

There were little black spots of mould appearing on the surface, which obviously cannot be good for your skin. I cleaned the mould out, only to find it reappeared again after a few days. I emailed Real Techniques to complain about my obviously faulty product, and my reply was that this was normal, and the sponge needs to be replaced every month or so.

That's fair enough, I guess, although it does not display this information anywhere on the packaging (unless I am mistaken) and I really have to wonder - how long had the mould been embedded in the centre of the sponge, where I couldn't see it, before it appeared on the surface?! In my opinion I don't think anything like that should go anywhere near your skin.

If you're looking for a good product that applies foundation beautifully, I'd be far more inclined to suggest the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - or if you're looking for a complete set of fantastic brushes, go for the Core Collection.

You cannot go wrong with their brushes, I'd just give the sponge a miss.


  1. I've never used a sponge like this for applying foundation, I know lots of people are obsessed with beauty blenders, but I just haven't bothered. I won't be too happy to have to buy a new applicator for my makeup that regularly so I think I'll stick with brushes!


  2. I don't use foundation, but I know people are crazy about the beauty blender. I have never tried one.

    God bless,
    XO, Claire


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